2 September 2015

3D print(ing) trucks - Amazon

We’ve heard so much about 3D movies, TVs, glasses and what not, but there’s a new fish in town! Recently, the discovery of 3D printers has yet again brought to limelight the concept of ‘Three dimension’, lets understand this new concept. Since it gets very monotonous to press the ‘print’ button, and get a white sheet of paper- with ink splashed all over it- in different patterns; technology has evolved to make life more exciting. Apparently there are 3D printers which can print whatever you want in 3D, meaning if you print a car you’ll get an actual prototype of a car, like a toy car which you can hold and play with.

The best part about this technology is that you can print anything, from household utility products to footwear to architectural prototypes! You name it and you have it!

Materials required

  • ·  CAD (computer aided design)
  • ·        Virtual deign of object
  • ·        3D scanner  (for example Microsoft’s Kinetic and Google’s project tango)

Recipe of a 3D print

  • ·        Create a digital file : Using CAD create a virtual design of the object using 3D modelling program.
  • ·        Use additive processes to lay down thinly sliced horizontal cross section of the eventual object
  • ·        Lay down successive layers of material until object is made

What are 3D printing trucks?

‘Amazon’- one of the largest e-commerce companies- has recently filed a patent for 3D printing trucks, with a vision of cutting down the logistics costs by quite a number. Amazon is known for juggling between delivery methods like flying drones, bike messengers and now fleets of delivery trucks with 3D printers. This is their motivation behind it:

  • ·        Amazon knows what you’re interested in based on your search history
  • ·        Amazon fabricates goods on the way to delivery to your place
  • ·        Time of delivery is reduced and costs of operations and logistics is reduced.

well we hope that this technology helps us for the better and hopefully gets us cheaper and cost effective products with reduced delivery time!