21 August 2015

Boeing's Cuddle Chairs

How annoying is it to air-travel with economy class tickets for long journeys and not being able to buy- the luxurious and comfort guaranteeing- first class tickets? The most irritating part about such journeys is not being able to sleep properly and falling right or left on shoulders of co-passengers; or even drooling co-passengers falling on your shoulders (yuck!!!! ) But well Boeing has come to the rescue yet again with something called ‘Cuddle chairs’

What are these ‘Cuddle chairs’?

If the inflatable pillow, neck pillow and coffee have failed to provide comfort while travelling, try Boeing’s backpack for cuddling. And no it doesn’t contain big red cushion or any lovey-dovey material. The procedure to having a great night’s sleep is as follows:
  • The backpack will be located under the seat and straps will attach to the passenger's head rest
  • A 'face relief aperture,' or a face pillow with a hole for breathing, and chest cushion provide added support
  • The patent insists that this system is far superior to neck pillows due to sleep's 'natural horizontal tendency'

Although Boeing has refused to provide any further information except for that mentioned in the patent, it might take a while to see this technology to be actually implemented in airplanes. Although we sincerely hope that this comforting product is launched as soon as possible.