27 March 2016

Ion harvesting- Free electricity for all

High school Geography taught us about the different atmospheric layers surrounding the Earth. The mere existence of these layers is perhaps the reason behind various life forms to flourish on this planet. However, with global warming on a rise and the depleting natural resources, alternate sources of energy are the need of the hour. With wind turbines, hydraulic power plants, etc on the race to produce more and more energy with efficacy, a new way of generating energy has recently been introduced, however controversial the claims might be if this works out in our favor we will have a cleaner greener atmosphere with hopefully lesser pollution to worry about. Let’s unravel the mystery behind this technology that ‘Ion power group’ has come up with.

Nature’s plan

·        Cosmic rays penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and collide with oxygen and nitrogen air molecules.
·        Electrons are knocked off of the air molecules due to these violent collisions, creating electrically charged ions in billions.
·        Ion production is also aided by cloud activity and radon gas that seeps from the ground

Man-Made aid

  • ·        Ion collectors are flexible, conductive and durable rod like structures made out of carbon/graphite/graphene, and not metal.
  • ·        These ion collectors aid ‘Corona Effect’ due to the presence of millions of microscopic conductive points on them which readily couple to the electric field of ions near-Earth. This coupling transfers the high-voltage electricity from the atmospheric ions to the ion collectors.
  • ·        This high voltage DC is either stored in storage mediums or in electrical loads to produce work.

The company to patent this technology is ‘Ion Power Group’. Although a lot of the claims made by the company are controversial and questioned by various experts, we can only hope to see a positive outcome towards a sustainable future with better renewable sources of energy.