26 January 2016

Gravity: lighting the way ahead

Over the last 2 decades we have seen a burgeoning demand for ‘alternative sources of energy’, to not only meet our proliferating demands for fuels, but also to save our resources from depleting and maintain the environmental balance. “What are these alternative sources?”, someone recently asked me, and I replied “Gravity!”. Let me explain how…

The concept

  • ·        Why? - Mainly developed for developing countries and aim at replacing the conventional kerosene lamp, to prevent depletion of resources as well as save the users from the harmful fumes emitted upon burning the kerosene.  
  • ·        What? - A device that aims at generating light energy from gravity.
  • ·        How? – When a heavy weight is lifted off the ground the potential and kinetic energies help generate electricity, as explained in the next section.
  • ·        Where? – They can be used anywhere, irrespective of environmental conditions. All that needs to be done is installation of the kit.


Prerequisites :
   1.     Adjustable weight
   2.     Gears
   3.     Electric generator
   4.     LED lamp(light emitting diode)
   5.     Rope/strap
 An adjustable weight of about 20 pounds (10 kgs), is attached to a rope/strap which is further  attached to gears. When the weight reaches the top, upon pulling the rope, it then descends  downwards at a very slow rate of about 1mm/sec. The rope is attached to the gears which in turn  drives the electric generator, that powers the LED.  Once the weight reaches the floor again, the  process is repeated.


Power Output (12.5kg Load)
High: 0.10W
Med: 0.075W
Low: 0.05W
Power (max): 124mW
Operating Temp: -30 ~80 °C
Storage Temp: -40 ~100 °C
Luminous Intensity: 13.8 cd*
Product Dims
Weight: 0.8kg
H:160mm, W:103mm, D:78mm
Load Weight
Minimum: 8.0kg
Maximum: 12.5kg


   1.     No specific environmental conditions needed to run it
   2.     Takes seconds to lift the weight which in turn powers the lamp for about 20 minutes and process  can then be repeated.
   3.     No additional costs except for the initial cost of buying the Gravity Light Kit.
   4.     No batteries needed, hence it can be stored indefinitely without the tension of degrading batteries!
   5.     Saves money, improved health and saved money and the three benefits post-installation of gravity  lights

We hope that this helps in improving lives of those who are in dire need of a change. To contribute towards this noble cause kindly visit gravitylight.org