20 July 2015

' Smart ' shoes !

First your phones, then eyewear and now shoes, technology just doesn’t seem to stop at anything; hope to have smart humans by the end of the era too! All technology seems to be doing for humans is increase comfort in everything they do and increase the ‘lazy’ population. But wait, they don’t only bring laziness with them, there’s a surprise for all the ladies out there.

How can a shoe be smart?

There are basically three prototypes to this technology:

  •  This prototype is especially for the ladies, so pay attention! Heels that ‘change colour with the click of a Smartphone app’. Yes, they do exist and it is hard to believe so, but that’s the truth! Meaning, you can have all colours of heels to match all your outfits and no worrying about your budget anymore. Just 1 pair of heels to solve it all.

  •        Shoes that sync with your Smartphone and the level of cushioning can be controlled in the shoe. What this means is that the sole of the shoe contains fluid that can be controlled to give a cushioning effect wherever the fluid is in more concentration.

  •       When the shoe syncs with your Smartphone it uses Google maps to vibrate and tell when and where to turn to reach their respective destinations. This feature is of particular interest to the visually impaired population, who earlier used to walk straight with the help of canes but did not know where to turn. The potential of these shoes for the sighted as well is huge; while moving people can add destinations and the buzzing in their shoes will let them know when to turn. It can also help in tracking calories and distances walked adding another attribute to the product.