23 May 2015

Save it for (an)odour day!

Why are they avoiding me?
 Am I stinking again?
Can they smell it?
Oh God why me?
How many times do you have to face the embarrassment of having body odour?  When you just can’t face your friends or loved ones for the fear of your odour ruining the evening, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself so you choose to call in sick. Well you won’t have to do that anymore, for Google has come to save the day again!
No, i’m not telling you to Google ways to remove body odour, but it did something miraculous for all those who embarrass themselves everyday due to this huge problem. Google just invented an “ODOUR REMOVING DEVICE”

Yes, your saviour!

What does the miracle consist of?
·        An activity module- helps in detecting when the user is over exerting himself, pick up a rise in sweat levels, increase in body odour or body temperature, or any other parameter that indicates exertion.
·         A route suggestion portion-
steers you clear of your friends who may be in locations where they might bump into you. It sends an alternative route on your phone so that you can avoid them while smelling bad.
·         A communication portion- connect with social media channels and warn you when friends were around and you weren't smelling your freshest.


The question that arises is, what will this device look like?
Is it in the form of a cloth material or is it like an electronic gadget that can be work around the neck or not?
Well the thing, or device as we may call it, would look a bit like a portable fan;  it would attach to your collar or the waistline of your clothes and help remove body odour. But one application of this technology doesn't neccessarily mean Google will actually go forward with the product.

For all those with chronic body odour, keep your fingers crossed and hope that Google chooses to launch this product, for it is your saviour.